Anastasia at Home

Anastasia at Home



Welcome!  This is a personal blog, tracking the remodel of our new home.  We spent so much time searching for this home, and we finally have a chance to make it all our own, with a little bit, ok a lot of work. I hope you enjoy.


The Before Pictures

They aren't pretty, you have been warned. Welcome to the 1970's.


Nov' 17



We initially found this home in September, however it needed a lot of repairs and the price seemed to high compared to the condition of the home.  It was our ideal neighborhood, but we passed in hopes of finding something better.  To make a long story short, there was nothing else available that had such a great location.  We kept circling around, but never found anything that felt right.  We always compared all the houses we looked at to this one, that should have been a major clue!  When the seller finally dropped the price, we jumped on it the same day.  We discovered during our inspection period that the home needed all new drain lines.  The house looked neglected, and it was, inside and out!! We have always enjoyed doing a few repairs around our home throughout the years, but never the scope that this house needs. So here we go!!!